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$ 90 accessory designed to keep Airpods Pro $ 250 safe

Source: TapperSource: Tapper

With the launch of the new generation of True Wireless headphones, the Airpods Pro, there were users dissatisfied with the fixation of the in-ear during intense exercises. Although sweat does not affect the TWS headphones (due to the IPX4 certificate), people reported that when doing physical activities, the in-ears lost their seal, causing the sound to leak and losing the effect of canceling active noise. This led some to believe that it would be possible to lose them and thinking about this inconvenience, a Swedish startup created cords to fit each side, thus preventing a possible fall.

Tapper has security cords for Airpods Pro, ranging from nylon to gold-plated chains

The startup called Tapper, has security cords for Airpors Pro in various materials, ranging from nylon to 18K gold-plated chains. According to the company's co-founder, Robin Westlund, there are plans to launch its products in early April in China. The intention is for TWS handset accessories to be sold in more sophisticated stores, as a premium item.

As you may already imagine, these items should not be cheap to sell in stores of the type mentioned above. Really not only, with an initial price of US $ 33, for cords made of nylon, there are products worth up to US $ 87, which is the case with 18k gold-plated chains, making the item literally a luxury item. There is also the option of colorful lambskin cords, sold for $ 55.

18K gold chain strap. Source: Tapper18K gold chain strap. Source: Tapper

Even with a proposal against the idea of ??True Wireless headphones, the accessories had an initial success in sales

Although the design goes against the proposal of True Wireless headphones, which get rid of wires, the opposite thinking initially led to a success in sales. According to Robin, the company managed to sell 3,500 units in just a few days in a North American store chain called Nordstrom. The startup's co-founder says he founded the company just three days after Apple announced the first version of the Airpods in 2016.

To reduce costs, Tapper transferred its production to China, in order to reduce costs. The company expects to increase its sales even more with the popularity of Airpods Pro. According to information from Counterpoint Research, a market research company, Apple is already responsible for 40% of global sales of True Wireless (TWS) headphones.

Senior Counterpoint Research analyst Liz Lee says:

"We expect Apple to sell more than 100 million True Wireless hearables in 2020, including AirPods Pro, to maintain its comfortable leadership in the market"

Nylon cord. Source: TapperNylon cord. Source: Tapper

Will the sale of security straps to Airpods Pro go with Apple's TWS phone?

While the sales forecast for the Airpods Pro is surprising, there is no denying that Apple's True Wireless headphones are expensive, even abroad, where they cost $ 250. There are few models in the TWS headset market that cost in the range of $ 200 to $ 300, the vast majority of which are below these values. With that in mind, it is difficult to think that the sale of cords accompany the sale of AirPods Pro, after all the difference to the previous generation of an incredible $ 100!

To learn more about Tapper and its products, visit here.

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