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40 Best Netflix Movies to Watch on the Weekend

If you like watching movies, you are possibly looking for directions. For this, we selected the best Netflix movies to watch on the weekends, with famous titles, many of which won numerous awards. If you prefer series, check out also the most popular series on Netflix!

To see our selection, read on, to see even synopses of everyone we choose.

1. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

The first of the best Netflix movies to watch on weekends The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, of American origin that was released in 2018. It was written, directed and produced by the Coen brothers, which are synonymous with quality, and has names like Liam Neeson and James Franco in his cast.

it is an anthological comedy of six acts, telling six tales of life and violence in the old west, following a singing gunman, a bank robber, a traveling theatrical businessman, an elderly gold digger, a train wagon and a wicked pair of bounty hunters. To watch, follow the link at Netflix, which has one of the best apps for watching movies and series.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

2. The beautiful creature that lives in this house is me

A film of American-Canadian origin of supernatural horror, written and directed by Osgood Perkins The Beautiful Creature That lives in this House is Me. It was released in 2016 and, without a doubt, one of the best options of this genre for those who like to watch movies.

Follows Iris Blum, a retired horror writer who suffers from dementia and lives in a remote home in a small town in Massachusetts. The house, however, is haunted and, on the first night, Iris's nurse has her phone ripped from her hands by invisible forces. Go to Netflix, one of the best sites to watch movies and series, to watch!

3. Waiting for a Miracle

A criminal drama film released in 1999, of American origin, is expected from a Miracle, written and directed by Frank Darabont and based on a Stephen King book of the same name – check here how to read books on your smartphone -.

Follows Paul Edgecomb, an elderly man living in an asylum who, watching a movie, remembers events that happened in 1935, a time when he worked as the head of death row in a prison.

It tells the life of death row prisoners, and everything they have to deal with until they are executed. Watch through the link on Netflix.

4. The Fantastic Chocolate Factory

Among the best Netflix movies to watch on weekends, we have A Fantstica Fbrica de Chocolate, a remake of the 1971 film of the same name that was released in 2005. directed by Tim Burton, written by John August and featuring Johnny Depp as main character.

Here is a boy, Charlie, who won a promotion, with four other children and their guardians, on a tour of the chocolate factory led by its owner, Willy Wonka. It tells of all the adventures and mischief that the children have, until only Charlie remains. Check it out on Netflix, one of the best streaming services.

The Fanttica Chocolate Factory Netflix movies to watch on weekends

5. Alex Strangelove

Alex Strangelove is a 2018 American romantic comedy film, written and directed by Craig Johnson. Follows high school student Alex Truelove, whose best friend is Claire. As soon as they discover that her mother has cancer, they kiss and start dating.

However, everything changes when Alex meets Elliot, a teenager who is openly gay. Their interactions, in which it is obvious that Elliot has an interest in the other, lead him to question his sexuality and culminates in Claire breaking up with Alex. Check out this extremely fun movie through the link.

6. Some Special

Another great option for those who want to watch movies online. Some Special, a romantic comedy film, written and directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson that was released in 2019. Follow Jenny, a music journalist who lives in New York who just got her job from dreams in San Francisco.

With that, her 9-year-old boyfriend breaks up with her, which leads to a deep depression. Her best friends, Erin and Blair, are the only ones who could help her. She contacts them, and the film continues with all the adventures of the three trying to help each other, each with its own problem. Watch it now on Netflix!

7. The Origin

Origin is one of the most well-known films of recent times, having been released in 2010. It has a scientific fiction theme, written and directed by Christopher Nolan and has Leonardo DiCaprio in the main role.

It follows Dom Cobb and Arthur, who work with corporate espionage using experimental technology, where they infiltrate the subconscious of their targets to extract important information in a shared dream. Now, its objective is the opposite: to implant an idea in the subconscious. Go to Netflix to see!

The Origin Netflix movies to watch on weekends

8. The Theory of Everything

A 2014 biographical film of romance and drama, The Theory of Everything tells the life of the physicist Stephen Hawking. It takes place at Cambridge University and is an adaptation of the book of the same name, written by his wife.

The film tells from the beginning of his relationship with Jane Wilde, a student of literature. He tells about his first thesis, that black holes were part of the origin of the universe, and follows the entire life of the two, as a couple, in addition to everything Stephen has achieved. Check through the link.

9. The Voice of Silence

The Voice of Silence is a Japanese animated film – check out the best anime of 2019 here – based on a manga of the same name. The film was released in 2016 in Japan, and in 2017 in the rest of the world.

Japanese teenager Shoya Ishida follows, who intends to commit suicide, but who changes his mind at the last second. He remembers all the events that led him to this point, thinking a lot about a colleague, Shoko, who is deaf, with whom he bullyed a lot.

It tells the whole story of Shoya's redemption in relation to Shoko, to the point where he realizes that his friends and family really appreciate his presence. To watch this, among the best Netflix movies to watch on weekends, follow the link.

10. The Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnson

This is one of the best documentaries available on the platform and follows Victoria Cruz's investigation into the mysterious death, in 2992, of her friend and veteran of black and LGBT rights activism, Marsha P. Johnson.

It features old Johnson interviews and new interviews with her family and friends. It was released in 2017, telling how the police reported that his death was a suicide and refused to investigate further. To watch this excellent work, follow the link.

The Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnson Netflix movies to watch on weekends

11. Blade Runner: The Android Hunter

Blade Runner is a science fiction classic, released in 1982. It features Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer and Sean Young in the cast and is based on a 1968 book. It takes place in a different future, in Los Angeles 2019, where there are synthetic humans, or replicants, created to colonize new planets.

There follows an ex-cop, Rick Deckard, whose job it was to hunt down the replicants and kill them. He receives information that he has four of them on Earth and is given a mission to end them. It follows his whole adventure after that, showing the difficulties in distinguishing them from humans. Check it out right now on Netflix, one of the best places to watch movies on iPad.

12. Carol

Carol is a 2015 film, from a melodramatic novel, directed by Todd Haynes. It is based on a 1952 book, written by Patricia Highsmith. It features Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Sarah Paulson in the cast.

There follows a girl, Therese Belivet, who is an aspiring photographer, who meets Carol Aird, a woman who is looking for a doll for her daughter. It tells the story of a forbidden romance between the two, in 1952. Follow the link to see this movie on Netflix!

13. Buckshot

Another of the best Netflix movies to watch on Chumbo Grosso weekends, a 2007 action comedy directed by Edgar Wright, who co-wrote the film with Simon Pegg, one of the main actors, alongside Nick Frost.

Nicholas Angel, one of the best police officers in London, forced to work in a small village, in the countryside, and ends up unraveling secrets behind many unexplained deaths, alongside his partner, Danny Butterman. Together, they manage to end those responsible for the murders. Check it out on Netflix, which also has one of the best apps for watching anime!

Buckshot Netflix movies to watch on weekends

14. Playfully

An excellent comedy from 2015, Playfully produced by Pixar and released by Disney. The film follows Riley, a girl who was born in a small town in Minnesota and, inside her mind, has five personifications of her emotions: Happiness, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger.

They come to life and influence how she does things through a command console. When he turns 11, his parents move to San Francisco because of his father's work and Sadness ends up making all happy memories sad. Check out this animation on Netflix!

15. Free Django

Django Livre an American film from 2012, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. It takes place in the beginning of 1958, in Texas. Django, an enslaved black man, was separated from his wife, Broomhilda, who speaks German and English.

The men transporting Django are stopped by Dr. King Schultz, a German dentist who has become a bounty hunter, who plans to buy Django because of his knowledge of three criminals.

With that, they hunt the three, side by side, as partners, and in return, the Dr. takes him back to his wife. whom they intend to release. Watch this extremely powerful movie on Netflix through the link.

16. El Camino

El Camino a 2019 film that serves as an eplogo to one of the best Netflix series of all time, Breaking Bad. Her creator, Vince Gilligan, wrote, directed and produced the film, featuring Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, again.

The story follows what happened to Pinkman after the events of the series' final episode. In it, Jesse escapes the Brotherhood complex and goes to Skinny Pete's house and goes after Ed Galbraith asking for help in getting a new identity. Check the conclusion of the story through the link!

El Camino

17. Elisa y Marcela

This is a Spanish film of 2019, which tells a biographical story. Follow Elisa Snchez Loriga and Marcela Gracia Ibeas, the first couple of the same gender who got married in Spain. They managed to do this by posing as a heterosexual couple.

He has Natalia de Molina and Greta Fernndez in the main roles, and competed for an award at the Berlin International Film Festival. To see, head to Netflix, one of the best platforms for watching movies online.

18. Frances Ha

Directed by Noah Baumbach, who co-wrote with Greta Gerwig, Frances has a 2012 black and white comedy film. Follows Frances Halladay, a 27-year-old dancer who lives in New York with her best friend, Sophie.

Her life is thrown upside down when Sophie decides to move to a posh neighborhood, which Frances would not be able to afford. She ends up moving to Chinatown and distances herself from Sophie. The film reports all the problems she faces as a professional dancer, and her troubled relationship with her friend.

In order for you to watch this movie, it is necessary to go to Netflix through the link.

19. Today I want to go back alone

The first Brazilian on our list another one of the best Netflix movies to watch on weekends. Today I Want to Return Alone directed, produced and scripted by Daniel Ribeiro and premiered in 2014. It is based on the short film Eu No Quero Voltar Alzinho.

The story follows Leonardo, a blind high school student. She tells about her relationship with her best friend, Giovanna, and her discoveries about her sexualities when Gabriel arrives in the city. Watch it now on Netflix!

Today I want to go back alone Netflix movies to watch on weekends

20. American Industry

Another documentary on our list, American Industry reports about a Chinese company, Fuyao, and its factory in Moraine, a city in Ohio. the first film produced by the production company of Barack and Michelle Obama, Higher Ground Productions and won a scar.

It focuses on the experiences of factory workers when the company, led by a Chinese billionaire, hires two thousand Americans, who end up in the middle of an impasse. Check through the link on Netflix, the best streaming service.

21. LEGO: Batman

Another in the line of LEGO films, LEGO: Batman is an animated comedy produced by Warner. It was released in 2017 and already has a second film planned for 2022.

In the film, Batman continues to protect the City of Gotham and fight crime. In his last mission, he hurts the Joker's feelings when he tells him that he is not as important in his life as he thinks.

With that, the Joker does everything to get the attention of Batman, who suspects that his arch-enemy is up to something. He does everything he can to discover and end his plans in this extremely fun animation, which can be watched on Netflix.

22. One more chance

Written and directed by Tamara Jenkins, Mais Uma Chance is a comedy mixed with drama released in 2018. It focuses on a middle-aged couple, Richard and Rachel, both writers, who are trying at all costs to have a child.

After many failed attempts at artificial insemination, they decide to try in-vitro fertilization, which leads them to discover that Richard is unable to produce sperm. They are forced to deal with the reality that they cannot conceive a child. Check through the link.

One More Chance Netflix movies to watch on weekends

23. My Totoro Friend

Anyone who likes anime – check out the best apps for watching anime here – certainly knows Estdio Ghibli, known worldwide for its excellent and very touching animations. This 1988 film tells the story of a small family that moves to the countryside to take care of their mother.

The daughters, Satsuki and Mei, end up meeting and interacting with various friendly forest spirits, the susuwatari and the Totoro. Mei is the first to see them, and discovers a secret passage leading to the hiding place of the spirits, who allow only those they want to see them enter there.

Follow all the adventures of the girls with the spirits and end with the mother finally starting to recover. Follow the link to watch!

24. My Dolemite Name

Another of the best Netflix movies to watch on the weekends Meu Nome Dolemite, an American biopic, directed by Craig Brewer with Eddie Murphy in the lead role, of cinematographer Rudy Ray Moore, best known for his character Dolemite.

It was released in 2019 and takes place in Los Angeles in the 70s, where Rudy an artist experiencing difficulties. Eventually, he manages to work as a stand-up comedian and follows the story of his countless subsequent successes. Check it out through Netflix, where you can also watch whatever you want offline.

25. Monty Python: Brian's Life

Everyone who likes comedy knows the Monty Python group. They released a classic of the series, The Life of Brian, which follows Brian Cohen, a young Jewish boy who is born on the same day as Jesus Christ, besides being a neighbor of him, and ends up being confused with the messiah.

Brian hates the Roman occupation of Judea and in the end joins one of the many groups opposing it. It shows all the misfortunes they face, culminating in the death by Brian's crucifix. To watch this movie, which can be a good call for Christmas, follow the link!

Monty Python: Brian's Life

26. Monty Python: In Search of the Sacred Clice

Another one from the same group, In Search of the Sacred Clice, another funny story, which follows an Arthurian legend. It was created during the hiatus between the third and fourth season of its series available on Netflix through the link, which was originally produced by the BBC.

Follow King Arthur as he travels around Brittany looking for men to join the Knights of the Round Tomb. This parody counts even with the appearances of God, who gives them the mission to find the Sacred Clice. To watch, go to Netflix.

27. Moonlight: Under the Moonlight

Moonlight is a 2016 American film written and directed by Barry Jenkins, based on an autobiographical play that has never been published. In its cast, we find names like Trevante Rhodes, Andr Holland and Janelle Mone.

The film shows three stages in the life of the main character: his childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. It explores the difficulties in facing his sexuality and identity, also dealing with the physical and emotional abuse he experienced while growing up. Check out this movie that won scar on Netflix!

28. The Invitation

Another of the best Netflix movies to watch on the weekends The Invitation, an American horror film premiered in 2015, that stars names like Logan Marshall-Green, Tammy Blanchard and Michiel Huisman.

Will's ex-wife Eden invites him along with his girlfriend to visit them for dinner, now that she is with a new husband. At dinner, he is forced to relive the trauma of his son's death and begins to suspect that Eden has other reasons for calling him. Go to Netflix to watch.

Invite Netflix movies to watch on weekends

29. The Great Gatsby

Another of the films starring Leonardo DiCaprio, The Great Gatsby was released in 2013 and is based on a 1925 book of the same name. Follow the life of millionaire Jay Gatsby and his neighbor, Nick Carraway, who recounts his first encounter with Gatsby.

In December 1929, Carraway, a veteran of the First World War is under treatment in a psychiatric clinic, and talks about Jay Gatsby, the most caring man he has ever met, and his doctor asks him to write all of his reports. Check it out right now through the link!

30. The Host

The Host is a South Korean film released in 2006, directed by Bong Joon-ho. about a monster that kidnapped a man's daughter, and follows his attempts to rescue her.

In the 2000s, an American military doctor orders his assistant to throw 200 bottles of a substance down the drain that leads to the Han River and, in the years to come, he has several reports of creatures in the river.

In 2006, a man has his island kidnapped by one of the creatures. Eventually, she calls her father for help, saying where she is and he does everything to help her. Watch by clicking on the link.

31. Okja

One of the best original Netflix movies, Okja has an action and adventure theme and was released in 2017. Here is a girl who creates a genetically modified super pig. It is also directed by Bong Joon-ho and features the best South Korean actors, in addition to Hollywood names, such as Tilda Swinton.

In 2007, Lucy Mirando becomes CEO of Corporación Mirando, succeeding her twin sister Nancy. He announces that they are creating a new special type of pig, and there are 26 specimens that are sent to farmers around the world for a competition.

The story takes place 10 years later, following Mija, a young girl who lives with her grandfather, and her super pig, Okja. Check it out through Netflix!

Okja Netflix movies to watch on weekends

32. The Return

Another one of the best Netflix movies to watch on the weekends, The Return also features Leonardo DiCaprio in the cast. It is based, in part, on a 2002 book of the same name, which describes the experiences of Hugh Glass in 1823, which is based on the poem The Song of Hugh Glass.

Follow Hugh Glass, who is leading a fur sales expedition and ends up having to fight for his survival after being attacked by a bear. In his struggle for survival, Hugh must face the loss and betrayal of his teammates. Check it out right now through the link!

33. Other People

Others People a 2016 American comedy and drama film, written and directed by Chris Kelly, features Jesse Plemons, Molly Shannon and Bradley Whitford in the cast. semi-autobiographical, following the life of the Kelly family.

David, a 29-year-old gay man, moves back to Sacramento to take care of his dying mother. Being back is especially complicated due to his religious and conservative family, which refuses to accept him as. It shows how each member deals with the loss of the mother. Click the link to watch!

34. Pulp Fiction: Time of Violence

One of the most famous films of all time, Pulp Fiction was released in 1994 and directed and written by Quentin Tarantino. In the cast, there are big names like John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and Uma Thurman.

He tells several stories of the Los Angeles crimes, focusing on two hired killers who must rescue a stolen suitcase from his employer, mob boss Marsellus Wallace, who asked one of them to entertain his wife when he is out of town. Go to Netflix to see.

Pulp Fiction: Time of Violence

35. ROME

Directed and written by Alfonso Cuarn, who was also responsible for the production and recording of the film, ROMA was released in 2018 and won several awards, including scar. semi-autobiographical and account of the creation of Cuarn in the Colonia Roma neighborhood of Mexico City.

The making-of, or behind the scenes, of the film is in production and will be one of the releases of Netflix 2020 films. To check it out, follow the link!

36. Scott Pilgrim: Against the World

Edgar Wright was responsible for the production, direction and writing of Scott Pilgrim: Against the World, which is based on the comic books of the same name. Michael Cera is like Scott Pilgrim, the main character who is a musician.

He must win a competition to get a recording deal, in addition to battling the seven evil exes of his girlfriend, Ramona Flowers, so he can finally be with her. It is an extremely funny movie to watch, being available through the link on Netflix.

37. Seoul Searching

The last of the Koreans on our list, Seoul Searching is one of the best Netflix movies to watch on weekends and follows a group of teenagers of Korean descent, who were born in other countries, and participate in a summer camp in South Korea.

Each of them has a completely different personality, with different origins and almost none understand Korean. They are on a government program to encourage them to get in touch with their reasons. Click on the link to see the movie!

Seoul Searching Netflix movies to watch on weekends

38. Tig

A 2015 documentary, Tig directed by Kristina Goolsby and Ashley York and, as an actress in the lead role, has Tig Notaro. She follows her struggling journey after being diagnosed with breast cancer and her attempts to get pregnant with his fiancee Stephanie Allynne.

It was originally screened at Sundance and received almost exclusively positive reviews. It was created with the hope of being an inspiring and humorous example of moving forward and taking risks, even with life attacking you from all sides. To check, go to Netflix.

39. Everyone Almost Dead

Another excellent film by Edgar Wright, who not only directed it as co-wrote alongside the protagonist, Simon Pegg. In the film, Shaun and Ed, Londoners, are caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and do their best to protect their loved ones.

Shaun is an electronics salesman who just lost his girlfriend, but who still hopes to be with her, and the next morning, zombies are everywhere. Follow the struggles and adventures of the group trying to survive until the army takes control of the situation. Click here to go to Netflix and see!

40. UP: High Adventures

If you like animated films, you will certainly like UP: Altas Aventuras, which was produced by Pixar and released by Disney. an extremely touching story, centered on an elderly man, Carl Fredricksen, and a young boy, Russell.

Carl decides to visit the forests of South America and ties a thousand balloons to his house for this, also wanting to keep a promise made to his dead wife, Ellie. It shows the adventures and problems faced by Carl and Russell during the trip. It's available on Netflix!

UP: High Adventures Netflix movies to watch on weekends

So, what did you think of our selection of the best Netflix movies to watch on the weekends?

Leave in the comments if you already knew them and if someone was new to you, saying you were also able to take advantage of the selection. Don't forget to check out the Netflix series releases in 2020 and the most popular Netflix series too!