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Vivo announces the end of the TU Go service; future of Wi-Fi calls at the operator is uncertain

Just over two years ago, Live started offering a service of interest to users of its postpaid plans with the app Vivo TU Go. In it, it was possible to make or receive calls, as well as exchange SMS, over Wi-Fi networks, that is, if the location where you were showing a bad cell signal, there would be no problem using the service connected to a broadband network. .

The platform was also particularly useful for users in other countries, traveling: just connect to a Wi-Fi network to make calls and send messages as if they were in Brazil, without paying for roaming or additional fees. When iOS 9 natively brought the Wi-Fi calling feature, Vivo TU Go incorporated it quite efficiently, allowing calls and messages to be exchanged in the respective native iPhone apps for these purposes. It worked.

Well, apparently not anymore: Vivo is sending messages to its customers informing that Vivo TU Go be disabled on 3/31, leaving a large portion of users uncertain as to the future of Wi-Fi connections at the operator.

End of Vivo TU Go on an iPhone X

Screenshot: Tiago Freitas | Image: Placeit

In fact, death was already expected by users, considering that the application had already been removed from the App Store a few months ago, just look at this discussion on the operator's forums. Most customers who have the app downloaded to their phone, however, can use the service as normal, which will no longer happen from the next month.

No one knows exactly if Vivo is effectively discontinuing the service of calls and SMS via Wi-Fi or if it is simply ending support for its application and will continue to provide the service through the native option of iOS; O MacMagazine contacted the operator and the only response we got was that Vivo TU Go users would be migrated to a new platform, called Wi-Fi Voice, with ?the same features?. This new service, however, does not appear on Vivo's website and does not appear to have been officially announced on any channel, so we cannot talk about its features or even prove its existence, at this time.

In the statement sent to MacMagazine, Vivo also states that TU Go users can still make use of the application (currently in beta) Meu Vivo Mais, which allows calls to be made and SMS sent within the app; this solution, however, does not completely replace the one offered previously, since it is not possible to receive calls or messages.

Let's see how this story unfolds. We return at any time with new information.

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