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Video: iPhone XS camera test

Unboxing and screen comparison. How about, now, know a little more what are the news of camera From XS and XS Max iPhones?

When comparing the technical specifications of the rear camera of the XS and XS Max with the X, virtually nothing has changed. But in practice, not quite. Because of the sum of the result of things like a more powerful processor (A12 Bionic) next to the Neural Engine, the Smart HDR feature, a slightly larger sensor and also a longer focal length, we have some interesting improvements.

For videos, we also have new features such as better reception of stereo audio and speaker volume (although it is not an out of this world improvement).

It is worth noting here that, in the front camera (called by Apple as TrueDepth), absolutely nothing has changed. Unlike the rear camera, which did have small hardware changes (sensor and focal length), the front camera remained exactly the same as the X. This does not mean that the photos will be the same, as these software improvements are also present for the captured images. with the front camera.

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