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Reading tip: Brightcove CEO imagines “iTV” as “the best way to consume videos”

In a special article for the AllThingsD, Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Brightcove, wrote about what Apple television would be like. Quite rumored, the launch of the iTV Long awaited, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

For him, Apple's next revolutionary product will be a mix of television and computer, as it will show both the channels we see on our conventional TVs and applications and web videos. On the big screen, videos from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and other services will share the space with traditional TV apps and programs.

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In addition, Allaire believes that iTV will be a direct competitor to current video game consoles. The interaction between the product and iGadgets it will be even stronger than the current integration with Apple TV, something that is still little explored by developers.

The device also elevates the experience of using applications on two screens to a level that we have never experienced before. According to Allaire, it will be difficult to believe that internet software was once based only on PCs, cell phones and tablets. "A high-resolution screen should also accompany" iTV ", which is likely to have models with 46 and 60 inches. Her look should follow the same line as the latest Apple devices, which are all aluminum.

Launching not just a television, he believes Apple will give a new look to its black box, Apple TV. Thinner and with new front sensors and cameras, it will connect to your HDTV via an HDMI cable. All of that arrive in time for Christmas 2013, according to Allaire.

Concept of an Apple TV

In the executive's great article (in English), he explains in detail each of his points of view. If you are interested in the subject, be sure to read it.