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NIBIQÜ is the perfect intersection between a protective cover and an iPad keyboard

Although the iPad's virtual keyboard is good enough to be used by a common user, many would like to have a better experience. For this reason, several manufacturers have already announced their creations, including Bluetooth keyboards with built-in batteries that increase the autonomy of the tablet.

If you?d like to write for hours on the tablet or really feel the keys, the accessory NIBIQ the item you've been waiting for: a thin cover that brings a keyboard to the iPad while protecting it. Available in dark gray, white, pink, light blue and green, it can also add life to your aluminum device.

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The body is only 3.5mm thick, thin enough not to bother the owners of the accessory. Complete, the 78-key keyboard even comes with function buttons to control the volume and brightness of the screen.

Check out a promotional video:

Still in the process of fundraising, you can acquire it by investing at least US $ 90 in the project page on Kickstarter run, as only 100 units are available at this promotional price. It should be sent only in March 2013 and international freight costs US $ 15.

(via iDownloadBlog)