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Download wallpapers with the internal components of the iPhones XS / XS Max here

J tradition: in addition to taking apart the new iPhones to show us their insides and talking about possible internal news not commented on by Apple, the iFixit it also always presents us with wallpapers that give that ?X-ray? feeling of the device.

To the lucky ones who already have a iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, just tap and save the version you prefer below:

iPhone XS

"iPhone "iPhone

iPhone XS Max

"iPhone "iPhone

When applying the wallpaper on the iPhone, it is preferable to leave it in ?Static? mode instead of ?Perspective?. But you can test both, of course, and decide which one you think is best. ?

IFixit has been doing this for years. Here are the latest: iPhone X, iPhones 8/8 Plus and iPhones 7/7 Plus.