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Apple Watch Series 5 starts to be sold in Brazil; meet the models

New Apple Watch Series 5 has more than 10 models for sales and prices start at R $ 3,999.00; know her

THE Apple started sales of Apple Watch Series 5, new version of smartwatch launched in September, in Brazil on the 25th of October. Another 10 models are being marketed Apple Watch Series 5, with prices starting from R $ 3,999.00 for the recycled aluminum version with GPS and 40mm connectivity.

What's new in Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

O Apple Watch Series 5 maintains the same design characteristic of the previous models, but the construction adds a new finish in recycled aluminum, which matches those already sold in stainless, titanium and ceramic.

Perhaps the biggest difference of the new smartwatch is due to its always-on display. Similar to "Always On Display" gives Samsung, the watch Apple promises a long-lasting battery, as it reduces the refresh rate to 1Hz. When you make the movement to see the time, the screen returns active at 60Hz.

Inside, the Apple included the same processor as the previous generation, but the internal storage jumped from 8GB or 16GB to 32GB. The operating system WatchOS 6.0 is more independent than iPhone, adding your own Apple Store to download apps.

O Apple Watch Series 5 you can also indicate the noise level of an environment through a new application called We are. In addition, women may have control over menstrual cycle using a new application called Cycle Tracking. These features will be available for all smartwatches compatible with the WatchOS 6.

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Prices and models

Bands available

For the first time in a model Apple Watch, the GPS + 4G models sold in the USA have support for bands 3 (1,800MHz) and 7 (2,600MHz), used by some operators in Brazil. These operators are Claro, which confirmed as soon as the Apple Watch Series 5 arrived in Brazil. Soon after, he was informed by MacMagazine that Live had also started to offer support with the release of iOS 13.2 beta 3.

THE TIM also gain support for models sold in the USA, but only in 2020, as the executive of the TIM, Senna Motta, Tecnoblog.

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