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Apple holds first programming teaching session for blind or low vision students

There are two things that Apple is constantly talking about that are, in fact, quite important for today's world: schedule and accessibility.

Ma's efforts to disseminate the program led her to create the initiative Everyone Can Code, which is already available in schools and universities around the world.

Yesterday, Apple held its first session at a school to blind or low vision students, so that the participants could learn even more about programming and create software to fly drones, Austin American-Statesman.

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The school Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired brought together 17 people aged 13 to 21 to participate in the hour-long session, which was attended by a team of engineers from Ma. In class, students used iPads with iOS accessibility features like VoiceOver and apparently the Swift Playgrounds app.

When everyone finished their projects, they were able to experience their creations in the real world, with the help of some Parrot drones brought by the Apple team.

We see this as a way to interest them in programming and we realize that it could open up job opportunities. Apple has opened up a whole new world for children, giving them instant access to information and research, and now programming.

Vicki Davidson, technology teacher at school.

In fact, if there's something Apple can be proud of for its attention to accessibility issues and its efforts to bring programming to everyone by bringing the two together, everything gets even better!

Continuing efforts, company accessibility director Sarah Herrlinger will be at the event South by Southwest 2018s Innovations in Accessibility, with teachers from that same school in Texas, in order to share the experiences of joining the Everyone Can Code with accessibility. The event will take place on March 15.

via AppleInsider