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'You are temporarily blocked on Instagram': users report error | Social networks

"You are temporarily blocked on Instagram": this is an error message that has been appearing for some users of the social network this morning (Friday). Apparently, the problem happens to those who advance Stories very quickly. The warning in the app even says, "It looks like you were misusing this feature by moving too quickly. Your ability to use the feature has been temporarily blocked." According to reports on Twitter, it is not possible to view, post or respond to publications in Stories. The feed, however, remains normal for these people.

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O TechTudo got in touch with Instagram to understand if the temporary block is a bug and if there is anything that users can do to get the app back to normal. The company said it was investigating the case.

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According to Google Trends, the error started around 11 pm last Thursday. From that moment on, there was an increase in searches for the terms "you are temporarily blocked Instagram" and "Instagram temporarily blocked". The problem, however, remains this Friday morning.

On Twitter, several users are complaining about the failure, which seems to affect people from other countries besides Brazil as well. TechTudo contacted owners of affected profiles, who explained that it was a problem only in Stories. A user said she was just watching the stories when the error message appeared. Another was arranging the highlights of his profile. Since then, they have not been able to view Stories, but they can see and enjoy the photos in the feed normally. The same happens with the other affected people, as you can see in the tutes.

The problem seems different from the "blocked" error and it must be a temporary bug. Typically, the "blocked" glitch happens when the user has actions that look like spam, like writing lots of similar comments, enjoying lots of posts in a short space of time, or using third-party apps to add functions, like discovering stalkers. In such cases, Instagram usually displays the blocking message along with a deadline for the account to return to normal. Already in the temporary blockade that has been happening, the app does not display a date to rectify the problem.

Apparently, there is nothing you can do to correct the lock on the account. One that users can try to click the "Tell us" button to report the error to Instagram support. Other measures that can also help to clear the cache or uninstall and download the app again, but there is no way to guarantee that these measures will actually end with the lock.