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Wave of “lightning steals” at Apple stores continues in full swing

When I commented, two months ago, that we were witnessing the beginning of a trend, I never thought that we would reach that level, but here we are: the amount of robberies to Apple stores around the United States (especially in California) is getting more and more difficult. In the last few days alone, we had three more type two cases in the same store!

The main recent victim Apple Palo Alto, practically in the backyard of Ma's headquarters, the store is very close to Cupertino and frequently visited by company executives; Tim Cook was there for the last week to launch the iPhones XS and XS Max (as he traditionally does).

As the newspaper reported Palo Alto Online, the store was robbed at one, but twice in the last days more precisely, in an interval of 11 hours. The first occurrence was on Saturday (9/22) night, when eight men took a large quantity of new iPhones and other items on display and fled in multiple vehicles, leaving a loss of US $ 57 thousand.

Early the next morning, around 6 am, a bandit acting alone broke the door of the store with stones and invaded it, taking the equivalent of $ 50,000 in iPhones and iPads. In both cases, no suspects have been identified or arrested so far the police in Palo Alto are investigating the events and are asking prospective witnesses to register anonymous clues on the institution's app (yes, very technological). ?

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Nearby, in the city of Santa Rosa, another theft, captured by cameras and shared on Reddit. THE Apple Santa Rosa Plaza, located inside a shopping center in the city, was invaded by a group of six thugs on the afternoon of last Sunday (9/23). The thieves did the same as always, taking as many devices as possible and running. There is no information about the stolen devices or the estimated damage.

This time, however, not everything went as planned for the outlaw boys: one of them was caught during the escape by security guards from the mall and two citizens who were walking around the place.

The bandit was arrested and the police are investigating the case to reach out to other members of the group, asking possible witnesses to share information, photos and videos of what happened.

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via AppleInsider, The Loop