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Uber launches conversation recording tool during the race

Uber's initiative is part of a series of efforts to increase the safety of passengers and drivers.

THE Uber announced this week that it is launching the tool in Brazil U-audio, making the resource available in five cities: Salvador, Campo Grande, So Lus, Sorocaba and Uberlndia.

This feature allows drivers and users to record audio during trips made using the platform, and use the recordings to report any unpleasant events to the company, in addition to assisting in crime investigations.

"When the trip ends or through the travel history, both the user and the driver will have the option of reporting a security incident and attaching the audio recording file"

says the official statement on the Uber website

As a way of preserving the protection of the privacy of those involved, everyone will receive a notice that that trip will be subject to audio recording.

?U-udio is an extra resource to help us understand what happened during a trip when something went wrong. We want to take the appropriate action and this file can help our support agents in this process ?

said the director of the Uber technology center in Brazil, Marcello Azambuja

Uber and investments in security

Uber is increasingly investing in security to protect its users (Photo: Reproduction)Uber is increasingly investing in security to protect its users (Photo: Reproduction)

The novelty is part of a series of security initiatives by Uber for 2020, including the U-Help, which leverages the power of GPS and other sensors in smartphones, being able to identify and signal atypical events, such as a long and unforeseen stop.

They are also including a new layer of security, the U-Code, which recommends the user to check the information to make sure that he is boarding the right vehicle. For this, the user can choose to receive a four-digit password that must be told to the driver.

Another resource that is already being tested in Chile, and that should arrive in Brazil by the end of the year, is made to identify users who do not use digital payment methods, such as credit card, for example. This involves sending passenger documents that have their authenticity verified.

THE Uber He also announced that he is working with technologies that use ultrasound to transmit the password automatically. The idea is that the numbers received by the user will automatically go through the driver's device, and the confirmation will be sent to the user's smartphone.

Policas and Uber

Policas involving Uber occasionally appear in the media (Photo: Reproduction)Policas involving Uber occasionally appear in the media (Photo: Reproduction)

Now and then there are cases that appear in the media related to Uber. One of the most recent occurred in the city of Braslia, on February 6, when a driver canceled a race and expelled two transsexual women from his vehicle.

After the complaint made by the victims, the company decided to ban the driver and said in a statement that it would not tolerate any form of discrimination in trips made on its platform.

"In cases of this nature, the company is willing to collaborate with the authorities and share information about those involved, subject to the applicable legislation".

There are also reports of passengers who have been abused or harassed, reports of homophobia, among others. It is assumed that the security measures adopted by the company come precisely to restrain the actions of malicious drivers, and prevent cases like these from recurring.

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