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Tutorial: how to share your photos via iCloud, both on iOS and OS X

If you have a iGadget or a Mac and have an iCloud account, know that there is a simple and cool way to share your photos.

Sharing via iPad or iPhone / iPod touch

First of all, it is worth remembering here that sharing is done via iCloud (Apple's cloud storage / synchronization service). If you don't have an account, this support article shows you how to do that and, furthermore, you still have some doubts about the service.

That done, the second step to activate the photo sharing feature on your device. V in Settings (Settings) iCloud Share Photos (Photo Shared) and enable Shared Photos (Shared Photo Streams).

Share Photos (Settings)Share Photos (Settings)

Everything set up? So now we are going to create the album. There are three ways to do this: one through the native Cmera app and two through the Photos app; all of them very easy.


Enter the Camera Roll (Camera Roll) by touching the thumbnail in the lower left corner and touching the Camera Roll button in the upper left corner to see all the images. Once this is done, touch the share button (the one with an arrow) and select the images.

Share PhotosShare Photos

Now tap the Share button and then Compart. Photos. Then, Create a new album by choosing the Photos Compart option. (New), add the addresses of the people you want to share the images with, choose the name of the album and whether you want the photos to be public or not.

Share PhotosShare Photos

By activating this option, anyone with the link on the page can view the images; if the option remains off, only the people you choose will have access to the photos. Before publishing, you can also choose whether to post any comments on the album, such as a brief explanation of who the people are, the event, the location, etc.


The same thing can be done by the native Photos app. Enter the Camera Roll or any other album where the photos you want to share are, tap edit, select the images and choose the Share option. Thereafter, the process is the same as that mentioned above.

The other option is to go directly to the Compart tab. Photos and touch the plus sign (+) in the upper left corner. So, the first thing we do is create the event and then add the photos.


To see the published album, go to Fotos Compart. Photos. There are listed all the albums you have shared or subscribed to (those others have shared with you). Touching the blue arrow, you enter the settings of the album. Here it is worth mentioning that it is possible to add more people (subscribers) to the album even after it is published, as well as making it public, which is ideal for sharing photos with people who do not have them iGadgets/ accounts on iCloud, as they will be able to visit a link and view the photos on a web page below, an example of this public page.

Public resource album Share Photos

When adding people (subscribers) to the album, they will receive a notification via email and on their own iGadgets. As soon as they accept, the names / emails of the subscribers will be listed in the album settings (in this little blue arrow). You, creator of the album, have full control over the subscribers, being able to resend invitations and delete them as you wish.

If someone comments on a photo, you will receive a notification as long as you have activated the receipt of notifications in Settings Notifications Photos, which is very cool to follow the "discussions".

Sharing via Mac

To share photos via iCloud using a Mac, you need to have iPhoto installed. Enter the desired Event / album and select the photos you want to share. Then click the Share button (bottom right) and choose the Share Photos option.

Share Photos

Create a new album in the option New Photos Comp. From now on, the process is practically the same as on iOS: choose the people you want to share with, the name of the album, whether you want it to be public or not and voile!

As with iOS, you can add new subscribers and disable the URL (public website) at any time.

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I hope the tutorial has clarified everything about this good feature of iCloud and that you can use it this Christmas without any problems! If you still have any doubts, the comments and our Forum are ready for that.

Ah, there is yet another way to share photos on iOS, through the iPhoto application. If you would like to know more about this option, be sure to read this article.