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Samsung reveals that Galaxy S20 consumes 600MB per minute recording videos at 8K

Samsung reveals that Galaxy S20 consumes 600MB per minute recording videos at 8K

Last Tuesday (11), Samsung announced the Galaxy S20 line. All three models deliver state-of-the-art specifications, competent cameras and several interesting features, such as 8K video recording.

However, for those who intend to buy the Galaxy S20 in order to take advantage of this high resolution, it is important to remember that the smartphone will consume 600MB per minute, something that was confirmed by Samsung itself. That is, recording many videos at 8K will certainly occupy the device's internal storage quickly.

In an interview with The Verge, a representative of the South Korean giant said that five minutes of 8K video consumes about 3GB. In addition, we must keep in mind that internal storage is not the only "problem" when it comes to recordings in that resolution.

The Galaxy S20 can shoot at 8K for just five minutes, delivering only 24fps. Samsung also warns that image stabilization is not activated at 8K, something that may disappoint some fans of the brand.

Still, there is a very interesting feature that can be used when videos at this resolution are being recorded. Future Galaxy S20 owners will be able to take 33MP photos directly on the shoot.

Anyway, if we think about it, recording in 8K may not be so important at the moment, since the TVs that can reproduce content with this resolution are new on the market and, consequently, quite expensive. However, it is interesting to have a feature like this available on the Galaxy S20.


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