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Samsung and Motorola temporarily stop manufacturing smartphones in Brazil

Samsung and Motorola temporarily end smartphone manufacturing in Brazil

To date, no case of a person infected with coronavirus has been confirmed in Brazil, but the impacts of the outbreak in China are already reflecting on the Brazilian industry. Due to the scarcity of components coming from that country, Samsung and Motorola temporarily stopped manufacturing smartphones in Brazil.

In the case of the South Korean giant, 2,500 employees have been at home since last Wednesday (12). Now when we talk about Flextronics, the company responsible for Motorola's national manufacturing, the company decided to give a collective vacation of 10 days to its employees, starting from this Monday (17th).

According to both companies, the lack of Chinese components is responsible for suspending production. Sidalino Orsi Junior, president of the Campinas and Regio metalworkers union, said in a statement: "Samsung came to us to discuss some measures because they are having problems with the lack of components, and virtually all of them come from China. The decision was leave the staff at home for three days, with compensation later ".

Despite the suspension having a fixed term, representatives of the affected workers are still very concerned, given that the coronavirus outbreak still shows no signs of control. Therefore, there is a possibility that further downtime may occur. "Although the virus has not arrived here, the consequences have already come. The imminent risk is that if this business gets complicated, companies will want to cut," concluded the union president.

On a good assessment, this shutdown could translate into higher prices for electronic products, such as TVs, smartphones and notebooks, for example. So, to prevent this from happening, we hope that the disease will be contained as quickly as possible and the delivery of components back to normal.

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