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Rumor: new MacBooks Air and Pro will be launched in June 2013

Apple has already asked MacBook Air and Pro vendors to prepare for the upcoming renewal. According to the DigiTimes, the company intends to launch new models of its famous notebooks, however the changes would be destined only to the interior of the machine.

MacBooks Pro with Retina display

The external look would remain practically the same as the current lines, given that they have gained significant updates this year. Even so, the manufacturers of ultrabooks are already concerned, as Ma would reduce the prices of the Air line before the launch of the new machines. Looking at the company's history, it is practically impossible to see this happen, but that is exactly what the polemic website reported.

MacBooks Air

Also according to the vehicle, the new line of MacBooks Air will be equipped with new processors; about the new generation of MacBook Pro, no further details were released. The Cupertino giant sold a total of 12.8 million MacBooks in 2011 and, in the first three quarters of 2012, 9.78 million were sold. For 2013, estimates are that Apple will sell 17 million MacBooks in their entirety.

Recalling that this renewal is expected to be released only in June 2013, that is, only when the cycle of the current machines completes a year, very different from what happened with iPads, the Cupertino firm launched two models of tablets in the same year , which generated great controversy.

(via 9to5Mac)