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Professional drone pilot takes incredible flame-retardant takes in action

The professional Nurk drone pilot, well known for his Nurk FPV channel, made really amazing captures by passing very close with his flame-throne drone. Check out the video below.

Nurk, one of the most highly regarded drone pilots today, participates in DRL (Drone Racing League) competitions, being champion of the DRL Championship in 2018. He often uses the FPV (First Person View) system, which is increasingly popular among the drones, to make your recordings.

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The video is about 17 minutes long and shows Nurk and PDWhite, a friend, fixing the spear and planning how the takes can be recorded. Then they make several captures making the drone really pass close to the flames and in some cases even passing through the flames.

"Two or three years ago, I contacted a friend known as PDWhite – at the time we met, he was working with FPV, supporting the practice of the hobby, and it was great to talk to and learn about his theories about what wants him to be interested. It turns out, in addition, he also had a flame retardant company called "Nurk FPV, on your YouTube channel

Nurk says that ever since he met Paul (PDWhite) he wanted to combine the action of using a flame spear with the video recordings that a drone is capable of. Despite that, it took them a long time to make it happen, but they ended up managing to combine their skills.

In the video you can see Nurk and Paul struggling to get the best possible capture, drones can seem threatening by noise, but they are not usually very resistant and most of the time they are even quite fragile. It would be interesting to see how a smart drone would react to this type of situation, now just wait for someone to do something like that with a Skydio 2.

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