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Princeton Digital Image sues Apple over file compression method patent

At patent trolls they remain loose, suing several companies to make money on patents they do not use.

The last one who filed a lawsuit against Apple was Princeton Digital Image Corporation, which controls US patent 4,813,056 before General Eletric. Using it to try to raise money, the company has already sued HP, Intel, Facebook, Eastman Kodak, Canon and others in just the past 15 months.

Court room with hammer on the table

The patent describes a ROM (Read Only Memory) with a single dictionary of variable size where Huffman codes are added to a set of the dictionary, following some rules. The company accuses Apple of infringing the patent with Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard, the software of iLife and iWork, Final Cut, iPod (not specified model), iPod nano and iPhone.

Notifying that it had already notified Apple of the breach in January 2007, Princeton filed a lawsuit against the Cupertinona giant Delaware District Court. No judge has been assigned to the case so far.

(via Patently Apple)