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Primate Labs releases benchmark results for the new 27-inch iMacs

At the very end of last month, Primate Labs published results of benchmarks of new iMacs, mini Macs and old Macs Pro. Now, she's back with numbers on the newly released 27-inch iMacs.

First, a comparison with the previous models:

Primate Labs and 27-inch iMacs

Overall, the jump in performance ranged from 13% to 19%, thanks to Intel's new ?Ivy Bridge? chips and small advances in their own clocks of processors.

Here is the table comparing the current 21.5 and 27 inches:

Primate Labs and 27-inch iMacs

Surprisingly, in this case the difference was only significant by 13% comparing the two entry models. The others were well matched, with variations of a mere 3-4%.

For anyone looking to buy one of these new iMacs, it's always good to have an idea of ??what to expect from performance. In general, fortunately, all new machines do very well in this regard.