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News does not give money to either Apple or publications

Apple can be a money-making machine, which is why we are talking about the first company in the world to touch the value of US $ 1 rail and remain there for the moment. Still, not all aspects of Cupertino honor this fame for the goose that lays golden eggs.

O Slate recently published a story talking about the current state of Ma's news platform, the News, and it brings a curious fact to say not worrying: although the accesses of the service are in good numbers and growing every day, neither Apple nor the content creators who publish there are doing anything close to a significant amount of money. This is when the service generates some recipe, to start conversation.

According to the report, Apple News is already very close to Google and Facebook?s own publishing solutions in the specific case of Slate, the number of readers who consume content on the site through the Ma platform has tripled over the past year, and already exceeds the audience that accesses articles through Instant Articles of Mark Zuckerberg's giant.

Still, for most publications, it is not financially beneficial to display your content on Apple News. The senior product manager for SlateChris Schieffer said the site makes more money from a single article that generates 50,000 views on its official page than the average 6 million views it receives on Apple News over a standard month.

The paradigm is valid for most of Ma's partner magazines, newspapers and websites on the platform. The report listened to financial directors from other publications who display their content on Apple News and the ratings are always the same; the director of new initiatives for the newspaper Boston Globe stated, in relation to the service, that "the results are not worth the effort".

The biggest issue with News is that Apple keeps readers inside a closed app (unlike Google and Facebook solutions, for example), which means that advertising options are drastically reduced. On top of that, Ma seriously restricts the type and model of advertisements that can be displayed in your app; It was only recently that the Cupertino giant started to allow the inclusion of Google Ads in its service, for example.

The good news is that, at least for now, this is not making publications give up on the Apple platform. For two reasons, mainly: the first that Ma is promising more monetization options for content providers, such as support for Google DoubleClick and even direct payment for some types of original content. In addition, newspapers and magazines like the News environment, the care that Apple gives to the look and curation of the content displayed and the platform's qualified audience.

In any case, Apple News' inability at least so far to make money could be a plausible explanation for the slow expansion of the platform. Here in the Brazil, for example, we still have no sign of her even now, that she is arriving at macOS. Could this scenario be reversed?

via AppleInsider