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New details about how Google Glass works

With the permission of Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google and responsible for Google X projects, a Wall Street Journal journalist can experience, at first hand, the operation of Google Glass, also known as Project Glass.

In his article in the American newspaper, Spencer Ante says that glasses are able to send messages and perform other functions through voice commands. He also describes that Glass can take photos, record a video, use Google Maps or make a phone call.

However, the reporter reports that seeing the information only through the right eye was little disorienting at first. "I closed my left eye, which was a little uncomfortable," he published.

In the video you can watch below, Brin also comments on a time-lapse feature that allows him to take pictures of his children every 10 seconds when he is playing with them. "I never think about taking out my phone," he said. "It could be detrimental to my time with them."

"I never liked the feeling that technology would be hurting my time and attention," added the executive. "The notion of having access to your digital world without interrupting the real world is very important."