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How to activate Visual Voicemail on your iPhone

You know the feature Visual Voicemail? The probability that your answer will be at the great, and I explain the reason. Rather, an explanation of what this is about.

Visual Voicemail on the first iPhone

O Visual Voicemail a retelling of the good old ?electronic secretarial? or ?mailbox? of cell phones. On iPhones, instead of calling a number determined by the operator and typing numbers to listen, repeat and delete a message, you do it all in a way that the name indicates itself.

The likelihood of you not knowing the feature is due to the fact that only one Brazilian operator supports it. That's right, despite being present on iPhones since the * first generation *, launched by Apple in 2007, only sure embarked on this and provides the Visual Voicemail for your customers.

How to enable the feature

This feature is hardly activated by default in its line, because there are hundreds of smartphone models and only the iPhone works that way. So, you necessarily need to call Claro's customer service (for most plans, phone 1052) in order to enable Visual Voicemail.

But attentiveness: when contacting, you must request the ?VVM Service? or the ?Secretarial of the iPhone, use one of these two terms, since they are registered as such in the Claro support articles available to the attendants. ?

How to set up Visual Voicemail

After enabling the service with the operator, follow the step-by-step below:

  1. Access the Phone app and tap the tab Voice mail.
  2. Tap on ?Configure?.

    Visual Voicemail

  3. Create a password for and tap "OK".
  4. Enter the password again to confirm it and tap ?OK?.
  5. Select "Custom" or "Standard". If you select the first, you can record a new greeting.

    Visual Voicemail

  6. Touch ?OK? to save the greeting.

It is worth noting that if you forget this password, you will not be able to reset it using the iPhone, it will be necessary to contact the operator to reset everything. In addition, if you insert a new SIM card into the iPhone, you may lose messages saved on the device.


Some readers of MacMagazine, like the Flavio Staudohar, were experiencing problems in activating the resource. There is even a topic in the MM Frum very busy on the subject, with several reports of users facing difficulties in activating and configuring the Visual Voicemail.

According to Flavio, there were more than 30 open calls at Claro, 5 at Anatel and nothing. Although the Visual Voicemail was activated on the operator's system, the configuration interface did not work on the iPhone. And worse: everything was disfigured and a message appeared basically forcing you to subscribe to the Claro Recado service.

O MacMagazineThen, he put Flavio in contact with Claro's superior service level in order to solve the problem and, fortunately, the technicians were able to identify a flaw in the system, which also affected requests from new customers! Now, everything is properly resolved. ?

If the Visual Voicemail is not working for you, try following the steps below:

  1. Call your iPhone using another phone and try to leave a message for yourself.
  2. Access General Settings Reset and tap on ?Reset Network Settings?.

If it still didn't work, the user nickba MM Frum created a script that should help you activate the Visual Voicemail once and for all.

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Were you able to activate? Still having problems? Take advantage of the comment space below to leave your report!