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Google Drive for Android and iOS with document editing

Google today announced the availability of a new version of Google Drive for Android and iOS.

The great novelty is in the approach of resources on both platforms, and users must be able to finally edit documents (or in a collaborative way) through mobile applications.

1. Edit documents with formatting and collaboration2. Edit documents with collaborators in seconds3. Richer presentations with animations and notes4. Create new folders or documents5. Send photos and videos from your device or a photo directly from the camera6. Move an item to a folder on your Drive7. Erase and remove files from Drive8. More than 30 languages

1. Create folder, upload to folder and move to folder2. Filter folder contents by type3. Automatically synchronize content displayed on 3G4. Optimized visualization in Google Docs5 presentations. Basic compatibility with tables in Editor6. Create, resolve and respond to comments in Editor7. View and change fonts in Editor8. Bring your fingers together to zoom in Editor9. Print with Cloud Print10. Continue interrupted uploads

You can download the new versions directly from the Google Play and iTunes Store.