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Creator of the game Karateka compares versions for Apple II and iPhone

Although this post could be called ?Momento Nostalgia?, considering that the original version of this game was released in 1982, that is, 30 years ago (!) And initially made available for the Apple II today, a jewel for collectors . But again commenting on the game Karateka, he gained a new guise to adapt to the current times, aiming to be compatible with our iDevices.

Karateka game cone

The younger people, including those who write to you, certainly did not know the original game, but the developer responsible for the two versions of Karateka, Jordan Mechner, and also another great classic, Prince of Persia, decided to publish a video in which he compares the vintage with the current one.

Check out this interesting video below:

Did you notice the media used? And mainly in the differences of values ??charged by the games? Something totally unimaginable three decades ago. Currently, with the popularization of iGadgets and as a consequence of the App Store, it became much easier for developers to produce, distribute and reach end users with practically symbolic values.

Universal karateka (compatible with both iPads and iPhones / iPods touch), requires iOS 4.0 or later, weighs 675MB and costs $ 3 on the App Store.

(via TUAW)