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Call the nearest taxi using your Android

A new free application for Android promises to help those who wish to use Taxi in the city of So Paulo.

With 99Txis, users can monitor, in real time, the position of available taxis in the surrounding area and obtain information on the model of the car and driver's license plate requested.

?When ordering a taxi through the 99Txis system, you accompany the taxi driver along the route to where you are. That anguish of not knowing where the taxi you called by radio-taxi is over ?, explains the description of the app on Google Play.

In an interview with Google Discovery, Ariel Lambrecht, one of the creators of the product, explained how the taxi drivers involved in the project were selected:

?We don't place restrictions on taxi drivers. He can be a fleet, cooperative, point taxi driver. We check if he really is a taxi driver (with permit, conductx, photo and other documents), to ensure the safety of everyone, but other than that, any taxi driver can use the system, along with the other systems of the cooperatives. It is not an API in the cooperative. We do a harder job of winning over each taxi driver. And we charge absolutely nothing to him. They like it a lot. The feedback has been excellent ?.

If you have already used the service, be sure to rate the application through comments on Google Play.