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Australian hacked Apple servers will not be arrested

Last month, we commented on the case of an Australian who managed to break into Apple's systems multiple times, for almost two years. The young man, who at the beginning of the attacks was 16, managed to download more than 90GB of data from Ma's network, but the company said that no user data was compromised.

The 19-year-old ruined confession last August that he broke into Apple's systems and faced two charges related to these attacks, one with a maximum sentence of two years in prison and the other with a maximum sentence of one year. However, the magistrate handling the case ordered eight months probation and said that no convictions would be recorded, as disclosed by the The Age.

Even though it was off the record, the judge told the accused that these attacks are "serious, sustained and sophisticated", affecting the security of one of the largest corporations in the world. During investigations, approximately 1TB of confidential information from Apple's systems has been recovered far more than the 90GB released by initial reports.

In addition to the ruin, Australian police are investigating the participation of others in these attacks, a prosecutor informed the court today. Evidence against a second teenager was sent to the Commonwealth Prosecutor of the Nations (Commonwealth), an intergovernmental organization composed of 53 countries.

According to the Bloomberg, the magistrate told the court that the youth's sentence is focused on the rehabilitation of the ru, who "showed remorse and cooperated with the authorities". The website also said that the young man was accepted into the university to study criminology and cybersecurity.

via Cult of Mac