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Apple Maps now shows bike sharing locations, including in Brazil; resource expansions continue

In the quest to further improve your app Maps (Maps), Apple released a new feature that users around the world are already enjoying.

As of today, as the TechCrunch, 175 cities in 36 countries can obtain information from locations with bike sharing (bike sharing) including the Brazil!

Bike Sharing Maps

To search for the nearest place, just type ?Bike Sharing? in the search bar inside the app and, thus, the locations on the map will appear in blue.

The resource already existed before, but the information was limited to New York, Paris and London. This time, Apple got a partnership with Ito World and, therefore, managed to expand the resource to as many other locations.

For now, it is not possible to see if there are bicycles or places available, but there is a hope that this will soon become reality.

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Speaking of Maps expansion, the lane indication, which arrived on iOS 11 to the app and lets users know which track they should be on to avoid missing an exit, is now also present in Austria, South Africa and Switzerland.

With these three countries, the number of locations with the available resource went to 14, also including: Germany, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, United States, France, Holland, New Zealand, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Maps - Track guidance

And, as it could not fail to happen, the company continues to take the information from public transport to different places in the world.

This time, the places that can now access this information are Tucson, Arizona, as well as Columbia, Charleston and Greenville, the three largest metropolitan areas in South Carolina.

In Tucson, the SunTran bus line is available, as are Amtrak routes. At newly added locations in South Carolina, in addition to Amtrak, the bus lines available are The COMET (in Columbia), CARTA (in Charleston) and Greenlink Transit (in Greenville).

Because, incredible as it may seem, not even in the USA completely the features of Apple Maps are available But, little by little, the app is expanding more and more.

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