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Apple, Alphabet and others are spending more money than ever

Traditionally, technology companies they are not among those who spend the most money in the world. Of course, the astronomical sum (especially in the area of ??research and development) but, historically, it does not come close to what is spent by the so-called traditional giants, that is, companies in older segments, such as oil, automotive or telephone. This scenario, however, is changing.

As reported by Bloomberg, the five American technology giants Apple, Alphabet (company me from Google), Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook spent about $ 80 billion over the past year. The value includes physical properties, including manufacturing equipment and specialized tools, and all spending on creating new technologies, products and services for the consumer.

More than that: the US $ 80 billion spent by companies is not a record (in 2015, this combined amount was around US $ 40 billion) as it far exceeds some of the companies that spend the most money in the world. THE General Motors, for example, you will not spend even 10% of it over the year and look that we are talking about one of the most powerful and traditional companies on the planet, which invest billions and billions annually in new manufacturing techniques and factories around the globe.

According to credit Suisse bank analysts, the growth in capital expenditures made by companies in the world is seeing, in 2018, the biggest growth in the decade; this phenomenon, according to analysts, is due much more to technology companies than to traditional industrial companies.

That is, can we be seeing the birth of a new dominant category among the giants of the world? We don't know, but that is the most valuable company in the world in the technology business, that is.

via 9to5Mac