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Android Wear is now called “Wear OS”, because Google is also eyeing iPhone users

Google today announced a change in Android Wear, its operating system for smartwatches and wearable devices and the novelty is in the system name itself: from now on, it will be called Wear OS by Google.

As much as it doesn?t seem worth noting (the product itself hasn?t changed at all, at least for now), the decision directly reflects a very clear intention on the part of Google: to attract to your field of wearables, too, users iPhone and the Apple ecosystem.

Wear OS, new name and brand of Android Wear

It is explained: in the post announcing the change, the director of development of Wear OS, Dennis Troper, stated that one out of every three users of the system has an iPhone. Android Wear, on the other hand, has already supported iOS since 2015 (although not with the same level of integration as Android, of course), but the product name itself is presumed could alienate potential customers from Apple's side. Now, with a more universal nomenclature, the problem is overcome, hopefully.

Of course, if you stick to it, Google should be watching ships after all, Android Wear Wear OS hasn't seen significant news in quite a while. Not even the promise to offer a huge catalog of models and manufacturers, as it happens in the world of smartphones, has materialized so far, which makes the platform an unattractive alternative for Apple Watch users or iPhone owners who are thinking of buying your first smart watch.

Next week, Baselworld 2018 will start in Basel, Switzerland, one of the largest fairs dedicated to jewelry, watches and wearable devices in the world. We will then see if Google is really pulling strings to see its platform grow or if the change is just a word in the wind.

via AppleInsider