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Altice Portugal acquires majority stake in Blueticket

Altice Portugal acquired 51% of Blue Ticket, the company that specializes in selling tickets for shows, conferences, festivals and exhibitions. The agreement made with Arena Atlntico guarantees you a position as a shareholder, keeping the remaining half. This acquisition is proof of Altice Portugal's commitment to diversifying its portfolio and extending it to new platforms, with a view to offering the best content, products and services, and providing the best experience to its customers, he said in a statement.

The telecommunications company intends to invest in the promotion and enhancement of culture, entertainment and art, areas that it claims to already have strong connections with. An example of this is its association Altice Arena and Altice Frum Braga, and other initiatives related to music festivals, such as MEO Sudoeste, MEO Mars Vivas, MEO Sons do Mar and MEO Monte Verde.

For Alexandre Fonseca, executive president of Altice Portugal, he reinforces his strategy of creating value and access to the best products and services, providing his clients with a differentiating experience and proximity to the market.