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256GB iPhone XS Max “costs” $ 443 for Apple

Every year, after the launch of the new generation of iPhones, companies dismantle the device (s) to analyze the internal components, make a cost estimate and thus ?stick? how much Apple puts in their pocket each time a smartphone sold. Of course, this estimate is never complete as it only takes into account the construction of the device, leaving aside other equally important costs such as research and development, marketing, logistics, insurance, etc.

This time, the person responsible for the task was TechInsights, a Canadian company specialized in this type of analysis, as informed by Reuters. And, according to them, the 256GB iPhone XS Max costs approximately $ 443 (value that includes the components and the cost of assembling the device). Comparatively, last year, the company said the 64GB iPhone X cost $ 395.44. Although we are talking about the two top-of-the-line devices of their time, it would be more accurate to do this study by analyzing the two 64GB models.

Still, it's interesting to conclude that, while Apple last year profited (again, grossly) $ 603.56 in your flagship 64GB, now it's pocketing $ 806 with the 256GB XS Max.

Component prices for iPhone XS Max and iPhone X

Analyzing the components individually, TechInsights said that the most expensive part of the iPhone XS Max screen, which costs Apple $ 80.50 (the iPhone X cost $ 77.27). Even though its size jumped from 5.8 ? to 6.5 ?, the cost rose very little. The cause of this, according to the Canadian company, has to do with the removal of some components related to 3D Touch. If not, the XS Max screen would cost approximately $ 90.

Other costs that increased were the processor (A12 Bionic) and the modem chipsets, which run for $ 72. The value is explained mainly by the use of new technologies from TSMC (which manufactures the A12 Bionic in a 7 nanometer process) and Intel (which is now responsible for the entire supply of modem chipsets for the new iPhones).

J o memory module for storage costs Apple $ 64, while cameras go for $ 44; The structure as a whole and the mechanical components cost, according to TechInsights, $ 55.

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On a related note, the Bloomberg reported that one of the ways Apple makes the most money from selling iPhones storage capacity which is no surprise for those who follow this type of analysis. Taking the 512GB iPhone XS Max as an example, we see that Apple charges $ 200 more than the 256GB model or $ 350 more than the 64GB model.

IPhones prices

The jump of the cat that, for Ma, the cost of gigabyte is the same (about US $ 0.25) while, for the customer, she charges about US $ 0.78. So, putting aside the assembly work and related software for that task, Apple makes about $ 134 more per phone sold at 512GB compared to the 256GB; if compared to the 64GB model, the jump goes to $ 241.

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