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★ The best free app for PDFs on iPhone / iPad: discover PDFelement for iOS

O PDF without a doubt, the best file format to use in the corporate environment. However, despite its numerous advantages, it is still a format known for being difficult to edit, maintain and share between different platforms, especially when you are working with it from your smartphone or other mobile device.

O PDFelement is a new app for Apple devices available on the market that aims to solve problems and difficulties like those mentioned above. During the evaluation process of this app, we ended up with a robust and free application capable of easily solving the problems and difficulties that you commonly encounter when dealing with PDF files on a mobile platform. It is ideal for editing text and filling out forms, as well as for converting, taking notes and managing files.

Find out more about how this extremely dynamic application can solve your problems with PDF files.

Function Edit

Editing PDF files has always been a difficult and laborious task that usually requires the help of expensive software in order to be carried out properly. But with PDFelement it's not like that! The app offers a wide variety of simple and effective editing tools that allow you to make changes to your editable PDF files directly on your mobile device.

With no training or reading required, any user who has already used a word processor is able to completely edit texts from PDF files in minutes. And we're not just talking about changing, only, the wording of a PDF file. PDFelement's text editing tools enable you to change the size, color and style of a font with just one click.

Edio in PDFelement for iOS

PDF files have traditionally been difficult to deal with when it comes to signing and returning forms. PDFelement solved this! Other applications and programs also allow you to edit form fields individually, but when it comes to signing a document, things are complicated. Often, you still need to print the document and sign it yourself.

Not with this app! With it, you can take a picture of your signature, cut it out, edit it and place it directly in the PDF document. All with the help of a simple and very friendly drag and drop tool. In addition, you also have the option of using the draw function on the touchscreen and ?write? your signature directly on the document. Both options are simple and quick.

Annotation Function

In an increasingly dynamic and fast working environment, being able to edit and share PDF files is not enough. How much time have you wasted making changes and waiting for feedback from colleagues on collaborative work with PDF files? The developers of PDFelement really took this issue seriously and created a very effective solution.

PDFelement annotation for iOS

This app has features that make it incredibly easy to work collaboratively with PDF files. Within the text editing window of the app it is possible to find elements normally found in word processing software, such as underlining, striking and highlighting text, which simplifies the task of showing what changes need to be made.

Funo Converter

PDF files are perfect when it comes to sharing, but they are not always able to meet all of your work needs. Therefore, having a tool capable of converting PDF files into a wide variety of file formats is very important.

PDFelement took this problem into account and created a solution in-app. The app is simply amazing and full of possibilities when it comes to converting your PDF files. With PDFelement, you are able to convert your PDF files to nine formats (Word, Excel, PPT, HTML, XML, Pages, ePub, Txt and RTF).

File Management Function

The app has a very simple hierarchical folder management system that allows you to create and move folders. Creating folders and adding / moving files is very simple and fast in this app.

However, the app is not limited to that when it comes to managing files. With a click of a button you can extract, rotate and move pages of specific documents. Which gives you huge options, wherever you are.

A big problem when it comes to mobile devices is how secure an app is if a device is lost, broken or stolen it could mean losing all your files forever. PDFelement also considered this and created the possibility for you to integrate PDFelement with your cloud service. All this so that you will never lose a document again.


This is an essential and very useful app for you to have on your mobile device that will show your value immediately whenever you have to work with PDFs on your projects. In addition, PDFelement also has versions for macOS and Windows, as well as Android, with excellent performance. The desktop versions of PDFelement feature OCR to handle scanned documents.

PDFelement is much more than just an app, it is a solution all-in-one that will solve your problems with PDFs.