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You can now shop on Instagram; portrait mode and native “rule” tool may be on the way

Another week, more news on everyone's favorite social network (or not). In addition to two resources under testing that may arrive very soon, the Instagram today it is adding one that will make life much easier for brands with a strong presence on the network and / or who advertise their products over there and, at the same time, may put the bank accounts of less controlled users into a misery.

I say this because the network is, after its debut in the USA, expanding to Brazil (and eight other countries, including Canada, Germany and France) the resource of shopping on Instagram. With the tool, commercial profiles can ?tag? their photos with the products presented in them, the windows will show the price of the items and, if touched, will take the user to a page with more details and a ?Buy Now? button, which redirects to the online store of the brand in question.

New Instagram shopping featureImage: Tecnoblog

The idea of ??Instagram, eventually making money on top of the resource showing pictures with products for sale in the ?Recommended for you? section for profiles that want to advertise this way. If you have a business account on the network and want to use the tool, you need to create nine posts with the feature and it will be automatically enabled.

Don't forget to mark everything correctly, huh?

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Moving on to slightly more uncertain topics, Instagram may be close to announcing two new features to your app. The first of them is a new camera effect on the Stories that would give users similar results to that of Portrait Mode, from recent iPhones.

Possible Portrait mode to be included on Instagram

In other words, using artificial intelligence techniques, Instagram would be testing the implementation of effects such as bokeh (which blurs the background of the photo, keeping only the subject in the foreground highlighted) or the various modes of the Portrait Lighting feature, which emulates professional studio lights in your selfies all without the need for advanced hardware, such as the iPhone X's TrueDepth camera.

A reader of TechCrunch shared the findings with the site after analyzing a previous version of the Android application, noting that the feature, for now, is called "Focus". It is not known, however, when (or if) he will paint for users.

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The second possible novelty is species native feature verse "Rule", which is already done by several third-party applications and which allows users to reproduce posts from other accounts in their own timelines. The difference is that, in the tool that can reach users, we will not have a simple share button (as we speculate here); instead, the resource is more like quoting tweets on twitter.

Possible new mode

The idea here is that the post you want to share is displayed in a window within a Story yours, where you can add comments or style the content however you want. By clicking on the window inside your Story with the post in question, the user can go to the original photo / video; of course, users can block the option and prevent their posts from being shared in this way, if they don't want to.

Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch who is testing the feature with a small number of users, so it is possible that it will reach our hands in the near future. Did you like it?

via Tecnoblog, 9to5Mac