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Withings launches smart scale and activity tracker compatible with iGadgets

Along with a flood of news presented at CES 2013, the Withings also launched new products that connect to iGadgets.

Smart Body Analyzer

The first of these is the digital scale Smart Body Analyzer WS50, an interesting accessory for those who want to improve their quality of life. In addition to simply weighing, it analyzes the user's body fat, heart rate and also the quality of the environment.

If communicating with iPhones / iPods touch via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the balance sends interesting data to the Withings Health Mate app (free; 9.5MB; requires iOS 5.0 or higher), which turns numbers into useful interactive graphics.

Smart Activity Tracker

To track activities inside and outside the home, Withings launched the Smart Activity Tracker, a small accessory of 8 grams that counts how many steps the user took, differentiating lighter and heavier activities. Just throw it in your pocket, clip it to your belt or bracelet and start exercising. A touchscreen makes user interaction with the device extremely easy.

In addition, the small device collects other interesting data such as the number of steps taken, duration and quality of sleep, calories burned and heart rate. Also connecting via Bluetooth to the Withings Health Mate application installed on the user's iPhone / iPod touch, it is possible to keep track of their activities in a simple and easy way.

Both accessories will be available in the United States at the end of this quarter. The launch date for Brazilian users has not been announced, as well as the prices of the devices.