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Sony may launch new PlayStation VR after PS5 hits the market

In addition to working on the development of the next generation of PlayStation, Sony will be able to launch a new version of PlayStation VR. According to internal sources of the Japanese company Bloomberg, the virtual reality headset will be launched after the arrival of the PS5 to the market.

In May 2019, Dominic Mallinson, vice president for research and development at Sony, had already hinted that the company was working on the successor to PlayStation VR. According to the official, the novelty would translate into a line of various virtual reality devices, and the arrival of a wireless headset was also one of the possibilities under the table.

In December last year, Sony registered a patent that refers to a VR equipment with a design marked by the absence of cables, something that suggests a wireless connection to the console.

Since the PS5 has an expected arrival date of Christmas 2020, it is likely that Sony's new VR system will be launched only in 2021. However, while the PSVR 2 is not yet arriving, gamers will be able to play the titles of virtual reality from the original PlayStation VR on PS5. It is recalled that, in all, the company managed to sell 4.2 million VR systems.

Even before the PS5 made its debut on the market, Sony is having some difficulties in keeping the console price affordable. Bloomberg says that the cost of producing a single unit is around $ 450, a significant increase compared to $ 380 on PS4.

Sony is failing to guarantee the amount of memory components needed for mass production of the PS5, something that will be reflected in the final price of the console. In addition, the company's costs have been higher due to the specificity of the components of the new equipment.