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Pebble finally gets a release date

O Pebble, a smart watch that connects to iGadgets via Bluetooth, the project that raised the most investments in Kickstarter. Altogether, it was more than US $ 10 million. Before it was scheduled to be sent in September 2012, until today who acquired the watch through the crowdfunding I didn?t know when it would be dispatched.


Finally, during a conference at CES 2013, Eric Migicovsky, CEO of the company responsible for smartwatch, announced that the first units will begin shipping on January 23. During the presentation, he talked about his path of developing smart watches and also about the Pebble hardware and software.

The 1.26 ? epaper (no eink) LCD screen with 144 × 168 pixel resolution of the watch reflects little light, allowing users to see it perfectly even in the sun. Despite not showing colors, the developers created a system that really gives the impression that the Pebble is a modern device, with very smooth transitions and animations. Within the light body with a mere 38.2 grams, there are also several sensors and chips: Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer, vibrating motor and a light sensor.

Without a touchscreen, it has four buttons. Through them it is possible to browse the system, control the music playing on your device and even read emails / complete messages. Compatible with devices running iOS 5.0 or higher, your iMessage, SMS, email, Twitter, Facebook and other services notifications will reach your wrist directly.

Pebble Email

To make it waterproof (up to 5ATM), the creators have developed an interesting way to carry it. Instead of Micro USB or similar ports, it has a small magnetic connector. According to the company, the watch's battery will last about 7 days away from a power source.

Very customizable, the Pebble is available in 5 colors (black, white, red, gray and orange) and its bracelet can be easily exchanged for any other 22mm, the standard for watches. In addition, third-party applications and different ways of displaying the time can be transferred via Bluetooth through the application installed on your iGadget. Some apps, like RunKeeper, will also communicate with smartwatch, something interesting for those who usually run or practice other activities.

As an investor in the project on Kickstarter, one of the things I most expect is the way it allows me to see the notifications without having to take my phone out of my pocket. In addition, the promise that the system will receive constant updates encourages me to know that it will not become obsolete in just a few months.

Anyone who has not yet purchased the watch can now pre-order it for $ 150 on

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