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Kodex is a code editor for iOS with an integrated development environment

Today there is a huge effort mainly from Apple in showing how the iPad already does basically everything that a computer can do. However, anyone who deals with programming whether at work, in college and elsewhere knows how difficult it is to find a tool robust enough to meet their needs.

For the relief of those who spend hours and hours in front of a screen trying to discover the error in some code and would like to have the same capabilities on a tablet, the wait is over: meet the Kodex!

Kodex app icon

The developer Bruno Philipe he created Kodex because, according to him, he felt that the apps for programming on iPads all seemed ?for fun?, just a web version in a more chic window. This is exactly what Kodex tries to distance itself from.

The app is simple, but has several features that can be crucial for programmers, such as editing multi-caret (which quickly transforms code selections), search and replace regex, syntax highlighting of more than 150 different languages, autocomplete feature, several files opened by tabs, drawing tips for invisible characters (such as new lines, guides and spaces) and more.

Above all, the app is available in light tones and also in dark mode, very suitable for those who spend hours looking at the screen. Kodex also works well with iPhones, although space is a little more limited.

Kodex app for iPads

Kodex also integrates with the Files application (Files) on iOS, allowing you to open documents from any other app or directly from iCloud. You can also connect a keyboard to your iGadget and take advantage of the shortcuts you are used to, you can modify all of them to suit your workflow.

Basically everything in Kodex is adjustable: you can choose / edit ten themes available in the editor, in addition to also being able to customize the fonts for code editing (you can also install the ones you want using system profiles); you can also change the font size and the spacing between lines, all to make it as comfortable as possible regardless of the size of your device's screen.

Kodex is available for iPhones and iPads for free on the App Store.