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In test, Google Chrome hangs on Mac Pro of R $ 56 thousand after 6 thousand open tabs

Mac Pro resisted 6,000 open tabs in Chrome

What makes a computer of more than R $ 56 thousand freeze? Jonathan Morrison, youtuber who routinely tests Apple devices, decided to expose the 2019 Mac Pro to extreme conditions of memory usage.

The computer, which in Brazil costs from R $ 56 thousand, has 1.5 TB of memory and for that it needed a rival at the height: Google Chrome – the browser known for being a memory glute. With the help of a script, Morrison opened tabs that displayed active web pages. The idea was to do this until the machine crashes.

The goal was reached when 6 thousand tabs were open and the consumed memory marked 1.49 TB. The Mac Pro, however, did not crash completely. It continued to run and allowed to use other open programs. The problem was confined to the Google browser.

At this stage, one of the browser processes stopped responding and the program crashed. Morrison then decided to restart Chrome, but none of the closed tabs were restored. The youtuber also showed that around 5,000 open tabs, the browser continued to function normally.

Apple and Google did not comment on the results. Morrison said he will repeat the test with other browsers, such as Firefox and Safari.