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Future iPhones front camera could be “invisible”

If it weren't for notchIt is likely that owners of the iPhones X, XS and XS Max would not even notice the camera that exists in that space. And look, she is not alone there, but the sensors are very "hidden", only being possible to see them by touching the angle of the iPhone or placing the device against the light.

TrueDepth system with all front notch components of iPhone X

However, according to Jeff Pu, an analyst at GF Securities, Ma could use an ?all-black? coating to hide the front camera of future iPhones, as reported by Economic Daily News. According to the analyst, the Largan Precision (manufacturer of lenses for smartphone cameras) would be developing the special coating and that the iPhone could gain the technology from 2020.

In this sense, this new ?layer? would cause the front camera of future iPhones to ?disappear completely?, like the other sensors of the device.

In fact, the analyst said that one or two other smartphone manufacturers will use the new coating on their devices until 2020. Despite not naming Apple by name, it is quite possible that the Cupertino giant is one of those manufacturers, given the working relationship that the company already has with Largan.

In addition to Ma, Asian giants are also likely to be interested in new technology, such as Huawei, which adopted the notch in its last major release. Or, who knows, Xiaomi that also launched a device with the notorious clipping.

While this may sound like a small change, it could mean a big step towards the next evolution in the design of future iPhones. However, the Chinese website did not disclose how it would be applied in such a way that it would not interfere with the operation of the TrueDepth system and the front camera of the iPhone itself.

Of course, like all rumors, this does not necessarily mean that Apple does, in fact, adopt the technology in future iPhones. For now, everything is just speculation. Still, what is your opinion about this possibility? Instead of retiring the notch in the future, Ma will perfect it?

via MacRumors