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Fusion Drive is now available for the most basic 21.5 ″ iMac; 27 ″ iMacs lead time improves

As soon as it launched the new Macs mini and iMacs, Apple also made Fusion Drive available as an option, which combines the storage of HDDs with the speed of SSDs (1, 2). We've even shown how fast they are!

Who chose to buy the most basic 21.5-inch iMac did not have the option of customizing the machine with a drive like this, but that changed this morning, as pointed out by AppleInsider.

Fusion Drive on the most basic 21.5-inch iMac

It is now possible to configure the MD093BZ model with a Fusion Drive of 1TB (R $ 875) through the Brazilian Apple Online Store. Unfortunately the most basic model of the Mac mini did not follow the same path, that is, whoever wants to configure it with the Fusion Drive will have to opt for the more expensive model, of R $ 3,400.

In addition, the reader Alexandre Beraldo informed us that the delivery time of the 27-inch iMacs is now between 3 and 4 weeks before, the estimate was for ?January?. It is also worth remembering that the larger models can be configured with Fusion Drive of 1TB (R $ 875) or 3TB (R $ 1,400) all, of course, through the Apple Online Store.