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Canon presents EOS R5 capable of recording video at 8K and stabilizer on the body

When Canon presented its new generation of EOS 5 mirrorless cameras in 2018, Canon revealed a device that was betting on video, offering the ability to record images in 4K, but with its eyes set on the future, where it left the promise of an upgrade to 8K . And that moment has come. The company has redefined its professional mirrorless full frame and now presents the EOS R5, supporting 8K video, which will be the cutting edge trend in recording equipment, such as the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

In fact, this new EOS R5 version was designed based on the comments and suggestions of its customers, and of course, the market trend, promising a new image stabilization system on the body, which works with the stabilizer of Canon RF lenses. The company promises images without flickering, even without using a trip.

The camera features a 12 fps mechanical shutter and a 20 fps electronic shutter, which the manufacturer says is ideal for any type of photographers, whether those registering weddings or photographing wildlife.

Along with the camera, Canon has a new cloud service, the image-canon, so that you can transfer the photos of the equipment, via built-in wifi, automatically to the user's account. Then you can edit online or transfer to your personal computer, says the company.

It should also be noted that the new EOS R5 is compatible with all Canon EF lenses already on the market, as well as RF-EF via adapters, similar to the previous model. However, it also introduced the new RF 24-105mm lens. During 2020, nine more objectives will be launched on the market.

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