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Apple to open office in front of the new Washington, D.C. flagship

A few months ago, we talked about the future (and glorious) store flagship Apple on Washington, D.C. more precisely, in the building of Carnegie Library, in the heart of the American capital. Only the store itself would already be quite an onslaught by Ma in the city, but apparently the company's plans go beyond that.

According to the website Bisnow, Apple is signing a lease to rent an entire floor in a new building under construction at 700 K St. NW, part of a new business project by the Meridian Group real estate company called Anthem Row. The front view of the future building is exactly for the Carnegie Library, so the synergy between the retail and corporate part of Apple will be total.

Anthem Row, Washington business building where Apple can open new officesRender of the Anthem Row business

The documents speak in a space of about 2,200m to be rented by the Area, which is much smaller than the traditionally used by the company in offices around the world. It is not known exactly what type of operations will be allocated in Washington, but it is believed that they may have something to do with political and lobby it is worth remembering, after all, that the space is located a few blocks from the White House and the Capitol.

In addition, extra retail operations can be housed by the office, as the Carnegie Library space will be divided between Apple and Historical Society of Washington, D.C. historical institution that is already installed there.

New information about Apple's Washington venture is expected to emerge in the coming weeks: Events DC, the group responsible for the Carnegie Library, said that announcing dates related to upcoming space events soon and the opening of the Apple store could be on the cake. Let us wait.

via 9to5Mac