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Apple shares hit $ 230 and set new historic record

Almost a month after its last historical record, the $ AAPL came back to super it today, day 2 of October.

Apple shares rose 0.89% this Tuesday and closed the day at a record high $ 229.28, with the maximum during the NASDAQ price touching $ 230 round (value also never reached before).

With that, Apple's market value is now at $ 1,107 rail. By comparison, Amazon is now worth $ 961.5 billion, Microsoft is worth $ 883 billion and Alphabet (Google) is worth $ 839 billion.

Apparently, the company's latest releases (iPhones XS / XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4) were well received by the market and the future prospects are also encouraging, with the iPhone XR coming in a few weeks and the possibility of another special event occurring in October (with new iPad Pro and some Macs, it is speculated).