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Apple Pay Cash is expected to expand to Europe soon

Do you know what the Apple Pay Cash? The feature, a derivation of the mobile payment system Apple Pay, serves to pay and receive money directly through the Messaging app or by asking Siri for everything, of course, linked to a credit or debit card.

Although it has already appeared for users in some regions of Europe, Apple Pay Cash is still available only on U.S.

This week, however, a French user shared the moment when the Apple Pay Cash interface appeared on his Apple Watch and iPhone XS, inviting him to configure the feature from a credit card from a bank in the country, as he reported the blog

However, the configuration process could not be completed by the user, who reported having stopped at the stage that requires the social security number. This number is also required during the configuration attempt here in Brazil, which is why it is not possible to complete the process here just to remember, since last February it is possible to view the interface and the process of configuring this functionality in Brazil, but nothing has yet been done. activated.

Apple Pay Cash general alert! Is it available in France?

Everything indicates that gadgets Apple in other European countries, such as Belgium and Switzerland, also had the same experience.

Apple Pay Cash available soon in Switzerland? #applepaycash #sua

In addition to these images shared by users, several Apple support pages in different languages, showing how to set up Apple Pay Cash, went live this week. Countries that are in the scope of Apple support are Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Russia and Sweden.

On all pages, Apple said that in order to use Apple Pay Cash, you must be over 18 and be a resident of one of these locations. The same Apple support page is available in Portuguese, but Ma explains that I need to be living in the USA.

Are we facing the first expansion of this service? Let's hope that Brazil joins the game as soon as possible! ?

via MacRumors