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Apple donates $ 1 million to humanitarian efforts in Indonesia after earthquake

On the last day 28, a 7.5 earthquake on the Richter scale reached Indonesia central, especially the island of Sulawesi. The impact, combined with the subsequent tsunami generated by it, caused the death of more than 1,200 people and the destruction of entire towns and cities was an unparalleled tragedy in this decade in Southeast Asia.

Today, Tim Cook announced that Apple is donating $ 1 million humanitarian recovery and rescue efforts working in Indonesia:

Our hearts are with the people of Sulawesi and all over Indonesia after the devastating earthquake and tsunami last weekend. Apple is donating $ 1 million to help humanitarian efforts as this beautiful country begins to rebuild.

Apple is in the habit of donating when natural disasters strike different parts of the world, but this time, unlike recent cases, it has not yet opened a page on its website and iTunes Store to receive contributions from its users as well.

If something like this goes on air, we will notify you after all, all help for this type of effort counts.

via MacRumors