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Android 11 unintentionally revealed on website for developers

Source: 9to5googleSource: 9to5google

Last night Google put the official Android 11 website for developers online, so that they had a vision of what was to come from new implementations. There were buttons for other pages that were not working yet. Of course, it was a mistake by the company, and right after that the address was taken down.

Android 11 will be compatible with any Pixel phone and foldable phones

On the page that was online, there were some descriptions of what Android 11 had to offer, such as being compatible with any Pixel smartphone or foldable cell phones, in addition to Vulkan extensions (multiplatform 3D computing and graphics API). The permission to register for tests on Pixel phones shows that there will be a beta program as well.

This information may mean that the first version of tests for Android 11 developers may soon be launched. Although it is exciting, the availability of a new version of Android is taking place very early compared to last year.

Android 11 page for developers. Source: AndroidPoliceAndroid 11 page for developers. Source: AndroidPolice

The incident (website going online and then going offline) was first identified by the Android Police website, which provided a print screen of the home screen of the Android 11 website. Strange to see this and observe at the same time several smartphones still receiving, for the first time , Android 10. Android Q had its final version (after many tests) launched in September last year and few phones already have this version of Google's operating system yet (either by updating or by launching new devices).

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Source: AndroidPolice

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