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And Apple has already fixed (?) The iOS privacy bug that made Siri read "hidden" notifications on the locked screen

As we reported here on the site, an iOS privacy bug made the Siri read hidden notifications on the locked screen.

The news went around the world and obviously reached the ears of Apple, which in turn confirmed that it would correct the problem. It was not clear, however, if this fix would come in iOS 11.3 or in a specific update for that (iOS 11.2.7?).

Well, to our surprise, Apple fixed the problem without needing an update. I mean, more or less

Take the test yourself: now, when asking Siri to read your notifications, she requires that you first unlock your iPhone, as the reader informed us Alejandro. The problem is that it happens even without any ?hidden? notification on the screen (a scenario in which, normally, Siri could read everything without any problem).

Apparently, to quickly apply a fix on the server side, that was the option. the only explanation for such behavior, since it is not at all correct from the point of view of usability if you do not have ?hidden? notifications, why would you need to unlock the phone before?

Maybe everything will not be properly corrected even in iOS 11.3, good or bad, the problem has been solved, although not in the ideal way. We will keep an eye on future iOS versions to see if such behavior changes.

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