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XQUAD Smartwatch offers GPS without needing a smartphone connection, watch the video

A smartwatch that doesn't need a network connection or a cell phone to keep the GPS running, that's what XQUAD offers, one of the newest and most recent gadgets to reach the goal in Indiegogo, crowdfunding site. According to the product page, XQUAD is indicated for those who enjoy camping in a group, always want to know where their children are or even dogs.

He is able to show the location of up to 30 other people and his secret lies in the way he records people's position. The manufacturer uses a GPS system with four satellites, a unique radio frequency with its own protocol to do the monitoring, this means that WiFi and any other type of network is not necessary, only battery and that the tracked objects are in one radius of 5 kilometers. The company details the operation better on the product page.

It has the battery with 72 hours of duration, 24 hours in continuous use, according to the manufacturer. Currently, each unit of the watch is priced at $ 83, it has water resistance, it also includes accelerometer, compass and barometric altimeter. Still on the resistance of the device, if the trail is in a really cold place, the watch can withstand temperatures of up to -20C. It is also capable of withstanding high temperatures, down to -60C it continues to function.

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To use it, it is necessary to pair the devices, two or more XQUADs. As a group, it is enough to get together at one point to make the pairing and then they can separate. The manufacturer also guarantees that the network is secure, using a technology similar to that used by Walkie-Talkies, but with its own encryption.

To ensure safety and improvement, updates are released that can be downloaded by connecting XQUAD to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

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