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Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has the best camera in the world according to DxOMark tests!

Source: Xiaomi (Twitter)Source: Xiaomi (Twitter)

Today was announced by Xiaomi its newest smartphones in the Mi 10 line, where the main point that the company is addressing the camera with sensor of 108MP. But not just a large-capacity sensor, the Mi 10 Pro version topped the DxOMark ranking, reaching 124 points, taking the place of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has 108MP main camera, 8P lens, OIS and EIS

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro comes with four lenses on its rear, the main one having a 108MP sensor of 1 / 3.33 inches and aperture f / 1.69. We also count on the use of an 8P lens, OIS and EIS, producing photos at a resolution of 25MP by default. Going to the other lenses, we have a 12MP telephoto lens and 2x zoom (1 / 2.6 inch type sensor and f / 2 aperture), a long 8MP telephoto lens with 10x hybrid zoom (1 / 4.4 sensor and f aperture) / 2) and a 20MP ultrawide (1/8 inch sensor and f / 2.2 aperture).

These lenses, together with the digital zoom, give the Mi 10 Pro the ability to reach up to 50x. The images produced are similar to the Mi 9 CC9 Pro (Mi Note 10 outside of China), however they offer better texture rendering, better sharpness and superior performance with low light level. Another highlight of the cell phone is the dynamic range, providing better highlight preservation and HDR processing in clear and indoor settings. The two telephoto lenses have good detail preservation, even using 5x zoom.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro on DxOMark. Source: Xiaomi (Twitter)Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro on DxOMark. Source: Xiaomi (Twitter)

In night mode, the Mi 10 Pro photos were highly praised for their level of detail, low noise and wide dynamic range. According to those responsible for the analysis, the white balance was very good and the performance of the autofocus also. It was said that when using the ultrawide lens, images were obtained with solid details, precise exposure and good dynamic range.

Some of the camera flaws in the Mi 10 Pro include the occasional occurrence of muted colors, ghosting in still images with HDR in photos taken with the ultrawide lens and in night mode. According to DxOMark, the 108MP sensor tends to take longer to focus, due to its depth of field.

Going to the shoot, the Mi 10 Pro has good detail rendering and good image stabilization, in addition to solid exposure and fast autofocus, both during daytime and nighttime recording. During the night the dynamic range was limited and there was occasional noise in places with low light.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro DxOMark video test. Source: Xiaomi (Twitter)Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro DxOMark video test. Source: Xiaomi (Twitter)

Source: GSMArena

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