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WhatsApp reaches 2 billion users worldwide

WhatsApp reaches 2 billion users worldwide

Through an official statement published on its blog, WhatsApp announced that it has reached an impressive milestone of 2 billion users worldwide. The messenger, launched in 2009, the second Facebook application to achieve this feat – Mark Zuckerberg's platform registered the same numbers in 2017, while Instagram accounts for 1.1 billion.

Interestingly, this great achievement comes just under three years after WhatsApp registered its first bill. This shows that the application has registered a great growth in recent years. In the official post, the messenger team also reaffirmed the company's commitment to providing strong encryption for its users:

The more people we connect, the greater our commitment to protecting the information they share online. So, more important than ever, we continue to automatically protect all WhatsApp conversations with end-to-end encryption.

For your privacy, end-to-end encryption works like a digital lock that ensures the security of the information you send and receive via WhatsApp. This technology helps protect you from hackers and other digital criminals. Messages are stored only on your device and on your recipients' devices. Nobody even WhatsApp can read your messages or listen to your calls. Your conversations with friends and family are just between you.

Recalling that this encryption implemented by WhatsApp has been the target of some child protection organizations, which ask Facebook to eliminate the security system of its service, claiming that this allows potential predators to use the platform to attract victims and get away with it.

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